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          Natasha is a Vancouver-based filmmaker, motion designer and creative director. Her film and visual design career spans 2 decades with an eclectic body of work featuring high-profile brands, documentaries, and music videos. An expansive life experience flavours her work, with a signature style displaying an experimental blend of mediums and cultural influences.

Natasha's approach to her projects is as unique as her lived experience, as she aims to integrate her evolving eclectic interests. Breaking from a formulaic approach, she believes her filmmaking (and life in general) is a space for exploration. Be it the techniques she uses, the people she chooses to work with, or the stories she features, her passion is a perpetual journey in discovering the different ways one can perceive and experience life.

Alongside her filmmaking career, Natasha is a Practitioner or Chinese Medicine and licensed acupuncturist, a Reiki Master, and professional astrologer. She enjoys finding a balance between the world of healing and creativity.

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