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          Natasha is a Vancouver-based filmmaker, motion designer and creative director. Her design and story-telling career spans 2 decades with an eclectic body of work featuring high-profile brands, tv shows, documentaries, music videos and many of her own personal projects. An expansive life experience flavours her work, with a signature style displaying an experimental blend of mediums and cultural influences.

From filming at the peaks of Chamonix for Arc’teryx, Sri Lankan factories for lululemon, to photographing remote Amazonian tribes as an accredited photo-journalist, her endless curiousity and passion for understanding the world around her continues to guide her life off the beaten path.

At the age of 19, she left her hometown in Winnipeg, Manitoba to travel independently to Harbin, China to work and live. It was the start of a rather nomadic life, as she began to discover her passion for film/photography and the nuances of the human condition across cultures and countries.

In 2004, Natasha attended Vancouver Film School with a full scholarship and graduated with an award-winning music video and 2 diplomas in Film and Design. VFS later asked her to become an instructor and mentor at the school, based on the success of her final project as a student and experience in the industry.
In 2012, Natasha received her post-graduate diploma in journalism from the London School of Journalism distant learning program. During this time she was living and working in Buenos Aires, Argentina as a photo-journalist and editor for a local print and online newspaper, where she got to immerse herself in the politics and arts of Buenos Aires.

Apart from working most of her life as a freelancer, she spent 3 years working full-time with lululemon athletica specializing in documentary storytelling and sustainability, helping them create transparency with their international factories.

Over the many years of directing creative projects from concept development to completion for film, TV and popular brands, she has watched the industry change dramatically since the beginning of her career and has adapted to the ever-changing digital age of social media with enthusiasm.

Continuing to explore the future of story-telling, Natasha is constantly looking for new mediums and methods across all platforms.

Alongside her filmmaking career, Natasha's interest in eastern medicine and holistic health broadened, and she went back to school to study Traditional Chinese Medicine. In addition to her creative career, she is now a licensed TCM acupuncturist and professional astrologer who enjoys finding a balance between the world of healing and storytelling. 

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